Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Under Construction...

So... my craft room was a mess! I was so sick of triping over my exercise bike, and it always looked so unorganized! So... this weekend, I decided to do something about it! I am still working on it, because I have very large cabinet that needs to be moved out of the room and my brother couldn't come help me until tonight, but here is what I have gotten done so far. I love it! Unfortunately, it's made stamping a little difficult right now because I have so much stuff and don't know where half of it is! Ok... that is always the way it is for me, but it's worse right now. LOL
These are some shelves I hung in my closet. The closet is funny shaped because it was added on during my remodel last year.
See all the boxes and mess in this picture. I still have a lot to do!!

This is right above my table. So all my punches and a few of my other main supplies are very handy. I am going to need to change this a little, but haven't done it yet. :-) I will post pictures when I get it all done.

Thanks for looking! Happy Wednesday!



Denise~ said...

Ohhh, how I would love to have a room just for stamping. You lucky girl! It's looking great! :)

Samantha Esqueda said...

OHHHH How I would love to organized in my craft room- ugh- yours'is looking great