Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So Many Scallops

Good morning!! I made myself a little pact a week or so ago, and so far, I am doing good. I promised myself to exercise more and to stamp more! Well... I took a pretty bad fall this weekend, so I have a great excuse to not exercise. :-) Which, means I have even more time to stamp!! I'm not sure why the colors are not showing up well in this pick, but the card is actually Green Galore.

TFL! Tina


Denise ~ said...

Love your card! It's fun and cheery. Great use for that set. Hope you're not hurt from the fall, rest up. I will say any excuse to stamp is a good excuse in my book though. :) Feel better!

Samantha Esqueda said...

OMG! This is so adorable! I am so sorry that you crashed and burned in my drive way- lol- LMAO- LOL- FOTCL!!!! HEHEHEHHAHAHAHAH!

aybe it knocked you around a little and shock up your creative juices!

Love YA!

Catherine said...

what a great excuse to stamp...no, not really, hope you're not hurt

Samantha Esqueda said...

hehehehehahahah still cracking up- gurl - you are a riot! I love you! and my husband obviously loves your kid!