Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Thursday

Good morning! Well... it's Thursday, and this week I have not had a moment to post anything creative! In fact, I haven't had a moment to do anything creative. :-) Between spending the weekend in Big Bear, our dental check ups, a meeting with my son's teacher and principal (my honors/GATE student is getting a D) to the Class of 2012 Welcome To High School meeting (OMG, my son is about to start High School!!), I have been a busy little girl.

So... this morning I went through my box of stuff that I've made in the past and pulled out a few things. I love making cards, but I also like to make other stuff too. I thought sharing some of these other things might give you a little insight in to me. :-) I hope you enjoy!!
This is a cute little scrapbook I made with a 12 x 12 Stampin Up! kit and some envelopes. As cute as they are, they are usually a lot of work, so I don't make them very often. :-)
I'll post more through out the day!
Thanks for looking and Happy Thursday!


Samantha Esqueda said...

Ye- you are a very busy WOMAN!!!! But I am lovn your craftn!!! You go girl-
PS- Can I have this:)

Denise~ said...

My, you have been busy! This is a great idea, I might have to do a class with this project. Fun! :)